9 of the best grooming tips and styles for guys

Top tips on how to be a well-groomed man

The bad news is that you have to put some effort in if you want to maintain a good man’s grooming routine or regimen. It’s the most important part of looking after yourself. If you want your hair and skin to look at its best all the time then you need to have the best guy’s care regimen. Below we have put together some men’s grooming tips.

Men’s grooming guide and styles

Down the pints…

Healthy skin needs it, and it’s not pints of beer 😉 its water I’m afraid.  Its recommended that you drink 2 litres of water per day. You should also use a moisturiser that contains humectants as this help hold water to the skin, as this helps.

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Water helps with elasticity in the skin and desquamation which is the natural process of shedding dead skin cells. Your skin is like a shell around your body and if you are in a good physical condition this is why you look healthy, that is why skin can look flaky and dull if someone has dehydrated skin.


Smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin, therefore, the epidermis tissues get less oxygen, this is not good. This leads to slow healing of the surface of your body and an unhealthy appearance.

Too much Booze…

Spot the red nose…

It is true but only for heavy drinkers and after a fair amount of time. Drinking occasionally in moderation is absolutely fine but drinking regularly and slightly too much can lead to skin problems. Puffiness and breakouts are a classic problem, excessive drinking can cause excess hormones in your blood stream. Those hormones can activate your sebaceous glands to produce too much oil from the pores in your skin. This excess of oils on the surface of the skin can lead to breakouts and pimply skin.

The Sun

The bottom line is if you want to look as good as possible for as long as possible then stay out of the sun. You need to protect your skin on daily bases from the suns rays. Make sure your sunscreen contains both UVA and UVB for best protection. An easy way to accomplish this is by using a moisturiser that contains sun screening products. So what about Vitamin D, well studies have shown that using sunscreen regularly does not lead to a vitamin D deficiency. Just exposing your arms, legs torso for no more than 10-15 mins no more than twice a week produces all the vitamin D you need, in fact, your body gets rid of any more that is produced to avoid vitamin overload.

The male grooming routine

Right lets get into the actual men’s grooming routine. So what does Male grooming mean.

Exfoliate Before Shaving

The main benefit here is the removal of the top layer of dead skin cells and with it all the toxins and bacteria that may have got into your skin while shaving causing outbreaks and irritation. The skin constantly sheds layers of skin, that’s how it keeps bacteria and pathogens away. So basically by exfoliating just before you shave you to give you’re a skin a thorough clean. After you have shaved you should pat your face dry and use some aftershave moisturiser.

Moisturising daily

What benefit does moisturising give, well it works by trapping water in your skin and therefore slowing it from drying out.  This helps it stay looking great like when you were young and didn’t have a few lines or blemishes…

Using a gel cleanser

Facial wash will remove some oils and impurities and dirt and grime build up that you don’t want. Also using a cleaner and rinsing with warm water will help relax skin pores and soften facial hairs which aid a good shave.

Do you want to smell good ?

You have to try more than one. You need the find one that suits you, your personality and skin chemistry.  The key is not to overdo it, you don’t want people smelling you before you enter a room. But what it does convey is you care about your appearance and want to stay fresh. Whether the ladies will find you more desirable or not is down to their personal taste I’m afraid.  Look at body sprays rather than aftershaves or cologne.

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