How to get clear skin for men

How to get clear skin fast

So you want to have better skin? Here you will some great tips and ideas for your morning and evening routine. The key to good skin is well-maintained skin, you are one of the lucky ones if you have naturally good skin, most don’t.

Skincare Routine for Men

It’s really a brand new world evolving as we speak, not too many years ago you probably would have been ridiculed about using face creams and special washes…

We are going to start out from the start, even if you have already got a routine of sorts you might be missing a tip or two.

How to clear your face

A Simple routine

Rinse your face with warm water. Next wash your face with face wash using a light circular motion, like you often see in ads for ladies facewashes.
Rinse again with warm water till all the face wash it removed.Pat dry. Important! Then apply some moisturiser to the face, probably wouldn’t hurt to rub it all over your hands at the same time.

Also, add to your weekly routine an exfoliation in the evening.

Now with basics out the way lets move on it Skin types.

Identifying your skin type is very important for when it comes to choosing which products you will end up using. We will keep things simple for the moment. Dry skin normally pretty obvious by the presence of flaking and patchy skin. Oily skin normally pretty obvious by the presence of a shiny forehead :). Which products you choose will be governed by your skin type, even then you will probably end up trying a few till one suits you the most.

Oily Skin

The shiny forehead is never what you want least of all when the sun catches it. But excess oil production is easy to remedy, there are certain men moisturisers that help control this just fine. Products with Salicylic acid are great for controlling oily and blackhead prone skin.

An exfoliator will also be excellent to scrub oils away, helping to clean deep-rooted dirt and oil inducers. Even a mask wouldn’t go amiss now and again. There are plenty of oil-free products available nowadays.

Dry Skin

If you are prone to dry patches or have uneven texture then you have dry skin. There are masses of moisturisers out the for dry skin, find one that suits your skin, experiment, don’t just decide on and stick to it.
But before you moisturise you must use a good cleanser. Is should be for dry skin, very important, we don’t want to make things worse. The cleanser preps the skin to absorb more of the moisturiser, therefore, helping it last longer by being thoroughly absorbed. Night creams are an excellent choice here and even more moisture to the skin.

When initially trying different brands go for the sensitive products first. Try them for a few days to see how they perform.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is great to look after you can choose from a variety of washes and creams suitable for all skin types, same as stated earlier, find one that suits your skin. Just because you think you have it easy don’t slack off on the routine. You still need to cleanse, moisturise just as often and exfoliate probably only once a week. Note of caution… be careful when trying different brands, maybe rest your skin for a week in between changes, just so you can be more accurate with your assessments.

Sensitive Skin

Here we go… Sorry. But yes if you have sensitive skin I’m sure you are aware of how sensitive it is. Be careful even with hot water and towel scrubs.

I know it doesn’t need to be said but only use products that are for sensitive skin, initially keep the simple and as natural as possible, be patient with results, you might even have to experiment with quantities, could make a difference.

Always make a note of the ingredients that are in a given product, you might find certain chemicals that you are particularly sensitive too and can avoid them in the future, one worth mentioning is parabens, a definite no.

Final note, don’t use too many products at once if you do get a rash or sore patches you will make finding the culprit more difficult.

Combination Skin

If you have an ever-changing blend of dry, rough and then some oily areas usually around your T-zone then you have got combination skin. Anti-ageing creams are a great way to hydrate the skin as also moisturisers. You to form a routine that is a combination of all of the above basically. Cleanse and exfoliate for the oiliness then moisturise for the dryness.

Tips for general skin care

Exfoliate at least once a week no matter your skin type. This will help your complexion a huge amount.

Wear Sunscreen often, you will be grateful when you get older you did.

Shaving is whole other can of worms, we have an How to shave with a safety razor that could help you with that.

Keep trying products, even once you find one that suits you, new ones come out all the time and maybe even better, but you have to try them to find out.

Final Note

Good diet and sleep enough

You are what you eat, I’m not suggesting going vegetarian or anything, just don’t eat crap all the time.
Put some effort into your meals, buy good quality ingredients and prepare food properly, no processed rubbish. Always good not to eat excessive amounts of red meat and starches, watch the bad sugar even more. We are planning a few diet articles in the future titled “You are what you eat”, certainly as so far as skin goes, your diet is huge. Along with food, this one is simple, drink plenty of water…

Hope you found something helpful here and it has inspired you to take action.

You are the one that can make a difference…

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