How to grow a beard when you think you can’t

How to grow a beard when you can’t

I can’t grow a beard but I want to

Can I grow a beard

So you want to grow a beard at 16 years old and you think you can’t or you just want to grow a fuller beard. Or even if you want to know how fast a beard takes to grow. All very common problems and there are plenty of solutions for you to think about.

Well let’s just get one thing out the way first, you need the right genes, the hairy gene in particular. I know that was an annoying thing to say but it’s true. But this is what we are here to tell you about our other alternatives you have if you feel you haven’t got the hairy gene.

How to know if you can grow a beard


There are a few Vitamins that added to your diet that will be beneficial to grow hair or lack of can cause hair loss.

Folic acid:

This vitamin will help promote thicker beard growth and all other hair so might be handy in other areas also ;). Sources of this nature are Leafy veg, nuts, peas, grain bread and cereals. Folic acid basically helps all your tissues grow and work. These include skin, hair, nails and organs, helps process proteins.

What we are interested in is it helps hair grow if taken in adequate amounts and on a regular basis. So you know the answer here (no, not supplements…), Cereal for breakfast and eat your leafy greens and sarnies for lunch. Other foods are citrus fruits and juices, so you really don’t need to take it as a supplement just eat your fruit and veg regularly. No excuses…

Beard Oil– Jojoba Oil and Hemp Oil

What does beard oil do, beard oil actually moisturises facial hair and the skin beneath. It works as a styling agent for those with long beards that they wish to comb in a certain way without having any stray hair. It is essential that you choose the best beard oil to get the best results for your facial hair. The amount of oil you should apply will be dependent on the thickness and length of your beard.

Curly hair needs natural oils to be able to shine and appear healthy, and an excessive amount of shampooing will strip the oil, developing a dull appearance.

Beard oil is basically made up of two oils and maybe some vitamins, the oils are carrier oil and some essential oils. I will say from a growing bead point of view the better quality carrier oil is the better it helps your skin and hair follicles. So don’t go cheap…

Next, if you don’t want to use beard oils just yet take a look at moisturisers especially with eucalyptus in, it is very useful in helping hair grow on your face.

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week, removing dead skin cells will stimulate facial hair growth, make sure you buy products for men though. Moisturised skin makes a suitable environment for facial hair to grow more quickly and also helps avoid dry and flaky patches which don’t. If you are having problems with patchy beard growth try some skin moisturising and skin care treatments On that note also check for ingrowing hairs they will also cause patchiness.

Now, all we have left to cover is general well-being really. We have covered eating well to get all your vitamins and minerals you need.  Get plenty of sleep. Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping, especially in the first hour or so. A hormone is released in a high quantity (deep sleep zone) that goes about repairing your body, and of course your skin cells this all helps with beard growth.

Biotin hair growth

Biotin has been associated with improving the infrastructure of keratin, it also helps with hair, skin, nails, nerves, digestion. I’m going to put myself on the spot here and say I wouldn’t take this as a supplement though, it is found in abundance in natural foods. It can be found in eggs, chicken, salmon, whole wheat bread to name a few.

I’m not going to say don’t take it in the form of supplements but there are some “Cons” from having too much of it. It seems skin breakouts are the most prominent from taking it as a supplement, so I would go for the natural food route. But if you are on a restrictive diet to combat allergies then I would look into taking it as a supplement as you are probably not getting enough naturally.

So there we have it, if you are not cursed with annoying genes that just won’t grow facial hair for you then I hope you got a few tips from this article that might help or even give you an idea fo something else to search for. Good luck with the beard…

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