Best Personal Hygiene Tips and practices for Men

Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

Basic hygiene for men:

Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

The most common time that a man starts to spruce himself up is when he’s trying to impress someone. Digging out the aftershave that years old and has probably gone off, (it doesn’t last forever) and drowning himself in it. Personal hygiene needs a little more than that.

It shouldn’t be this way, there is a lot of benefit in putting in a bit more effort in one’s appearance and looking after yourself. If you start to take a bit more care in your appearance then you might think that you probably do with losing a few pounds, so you start to exercise a bit more. Then you might start to actually take notice of what you are eating. So some tips on how to maintain personal hygiene is a good place to strart.

All of a sudden your a new man, a clean and healthy one… How about that.

So where shall we start with Personal Hygiene?

Daily personal hygiene checklist for adults

Smell / Body Odour and individual cleanliness.

Let’s face it it’s very antisocial if you smell and it’s definitely not going to help your love life. Its important also to have personal hygiene in the workplace.

Apart from not smelling, showering regularly is also beneficial for your skin helping to prevent outbreaks and rashes. You must definitely shower every day if you have a physical job and sweat a lot, dried sweat is not great and its harder to get out of your clothes as well, this is essential part of masculine hygiene

Buy some decent shower gel, don’t go cheap(there is a reason why something’s is cheap…)

Men’s hygiene essentials

If you suffer from a bit of dandruff, by all means, get an anti-dandruff shampoo. When you shower make sure you soap yourself all over especially in the areas that generate more body odours.

Now you are clean let’s look at some deodorants. Find something you like the smell of obviously, something that keeps you fresh for a good few hours, there will be some trial and error. Go for a mild scented or even unscented deodorants.

Next, find yourself some cologne. If you are not sure take along a female friend or sister or even a male friend. The main thing is to see how you smell after a few hours. The bodies skin reacts differently to such scents and everyone’s chemistry is very different.

Now you got to be careful here, you don’t want to make peoples eyes water when you are in a car with them for any period of time or people know you were at the photocopier this morning. Put on far less than you think you need, far less.

Before we move on I just want to cover one more thing under the Body Odour subheading. Its to do with your clothes. If you find even after your new regime of cleanliness you still start to whiff, it might not be you, it’s your clothes. Especially if they say your work clothes/sports that you regularly get sweaty in and they are left in the laundry basket for a few days. Even though they reasonably ok when after you have washed them, body odour gets ingrained and after only a few hours of wearing even if you are just sitting around the smell will come back. No amount of washing will save them, it’s time for the bin. So don’t despair if you still smell after showering regularly, it’s probably not you, it’s your clothes, lol

Same goes for old underwear and socks, any holes, throw them out right now… Even if that pair of jeans still fits 10 years later, well done you, throw them out.

Dirty fingernails

That goes for toe nails as well, not only clean but trimmed especially toe nails properly. Yes, dirty fingernails are a big turn off full-stop, there is no getting around it and to be fair pretty unhygienic. All sorts of gems get under fingernails including worms eggs. If you are a nail biter you must try and stop.

Next stop Teeth

We are not saying get a teeth whitening session booked. But if you have stained teeth get them cleaned and up your teeth cleaning regimes in the morning and evening. A nice smile makes a good impression and first impressions last.

Last but not least, Hairy bits

It stands to reason to keep everything in trim including down below… Nose hairs, eyebrows they all grow, don’t be scared at the barbers to ask for your eyebrows to be trimmed. Facial hair, if you have a beard keep it trimmed not wild and bushy. If you go for the stubble look, make sure it doesn’t look you couldn’t be arsed to shave.

So there you have it. Lets set the scene.

You are turning up for your big date. You are the second one to arrive, you have to make the big entrance.

Cloths appropriate, new or still got their shape. Hair looking good. Face, you have been washing regularly for weeks, complexion good. Then you smile as you get closer, recognise your date, teeth good. Smell, you smell good, but not overpowering, clean clothes, no problem with freshness.

You have made a good impression and you haven’t even opened your mouth yet, good luck with the rest of the date…

So you go, armed with all your personal hygiene tips for men, you can reinvent yourself. Good Luck

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